The Father of Hope

From a report of George MacDonald’s sermon, reprinted in ‘Wingfold’ Winter 2015:

“If we were wise we would never mourn over our troubles. If we had a clearer insight into things we would go down upon our knees and thank God for our troubles. The Lord spoke here to everybody who had something that made him uncomfortable, who had anything in heart or mind, that just wanted Him. Every discontent in the human heart was just a cry after God.”

“We should not say hope was delusive, for we might have chosen the wrong hope. God was the father of hope in our hearts, and he had never had so much hope as now in his heart; it grew and grew till it was infinite.”


Help You, Help Me

“In thinking lovingly about others, we think healthily about ourselves.”

– from Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood by George MacDonald

Yes- having to focus on the good of and for other people can take away some of the insanity that blinds us regarding our own situation. But if we are biased and really intent on gaining some good or ground for a personal cause, that can blind us to the good we ought to grant and teach to others. Take slavery for example.

The Spirit of Love

There breathes not a breath from the morning air,

But the Spirit of Love is moving there,

Not a trembling leaf on the shadowy tree

Mingled with thousands in harmony;

But the Spirit of God doth make the sound.

And the thoughts of the insect that creepeth around

And the sunshiny butterflies come and go.

Like beautiful thoughts moving to and fro;

And not a wave of their busy wings

Is unknown to the Spirit that moveth all things.

And the long-mantled moths, that sleep at noon-

All have one being that loves them all;

Not a fly in the spider’s web can fall,

But He cares for the spider and cares for the fly;

And He cares for each little child’s smile or sigh.

How it can be, I cannot know;

He is wiser than I; and it must be so.

– George MacDonald

Of Two, to Make One

I think this is true of brotherhood, marriage, and also of God’s plan for bringing free individuals to love what He loves:

“Of two to make one, which yet two shall be,

Is thy creation’s problem, deep, and true,

To which thou only hold’st the happy, hurting clue.”

Excerpt From

A Book of Strife in the Form of The Diary of an Old Soul

George MacDonald

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