Sorrow by Love’s Service Robed and Crowned

  She leaves, but not forsakes. Oft in the night, Oft at mid-day when all is still around, Sudden will rise, in dim pathetic light, Some childish memory of household bliss, Or sorrow by love's service robed and crowned; Rich in his love, she yet will sometimes miss The mother's folding arms, the mother's sealing … Continue reading Sorrow by Love’s Service Robed and Crowned

Death was at Their Hearts

 "It was not health, or money, or more to eat and drink, that would remedy the evil. Nor was it even love--human love. To how many, even love became common, because they are common. How many there are who after marriage lost all the joy of true and pure affection--and husband and wife felt themselves … Continue reading Death was at Their Hearts


Mary, lonely is my heart,  Lonely it must ever be, While the gay and gorgeous throng  There is little chance for me. Nay, I will not speak the word That would pain and sorrow breed,  Must be blind while others gaze,  Must be dumb while others plead. Neither will I ask that Fate  Deck with … Continue reading Mary