Nothing so Fearful

"For my part, the most terrible thing in the whole idea of existence is to die and find there is no God and go on living. Nothing so fearful as for a poor creature like me to have no God. That is horror; that is hell."– George MacDonald

How Shall I Find Him

"The cry of the human heart in all ages and in every moment is, 'Where is God and how shall I find him?'--No, friend, I will not accept your testimony to the contrary--not though you may be as well fitted as ever one of eight hundred millions to come forward with it. You take it … Continue reading How Shall I Find Him


"There are three images in my mind which I must continually forsake and replace by better ones: the false image of God, the false image of my neighbors, and the false image of myself." — C.S. Lewis

The Giver

Creation seems to be delegation through and through. He will do nothing simply by Himself which can be done by creatures. I suppose this is because He is a giver. And He has nothing to give but Himself. And to give Himself is to do His deeds - in a sense, and on varying levels … Continue reading The Giver

Lol, Chesterton.

Now Carlyle had humour; he had it in his very style, but it never got into his philosophy. His philosophy largely remained a heavy Teutonic idealism, absurdly unaware of the complexity of things; as when he perpetually repeated (as with a kind of flat-footed stamping) that people ought to tell the truth; apparently supposing, to … Continue reading Lol, Chesterton.