Be Thou by Us

From "David Elginbrod": the prayer at the cottage:“O thou, wha keeps the stars alicht, an’ our souls burnin’ wi’ a licht aboon that o’ the stars, grant that they may shine afore thee as the stars for ever and ever. An’ as thou hauds the stars burnin’ a’ the nicht, whan there’s no man to … Continue reading Be Thou by Us

Waiting Watchful for Thy Will

O master, my desires to work, to know,To be aware that I do live and grow—All restless wish for anything not thee,I yield, and on thy altar offer me.Let me no more from out thy presence go,But keep me waiting watchful for thy will—Even while I do it, waiting watchful still.— George MacDonald

Because Thou Knowest

I cannot tell why this day I am ill; But I am well because it is thy will— Which is to make me pure and right like thee. Not yet I need escape—'tis bearable Because thou knowest. And when harder things Shall rise and gather, and overshadow me, I shall have comfort in thy strengthenings.