That Wrong Measure

Nor mete out truth and right-deserving praise, By that wrong measure of confusion The vulgar foot: that never takes his ways By reason, but by imitation; Rolling on with the rest, and never weighs The course which he should go, but what is gone. Well were it with mankind, if what the most Did like … Continue reading That Wrong Measure

Wake, my Soul. 

      But he who would be born again indeed,      Must wake his soul unnumbered times a day,      And urge himself to life with holy greed;      Now ope his bosom to the Wind's free play;      And now, with patience forceful, hard, lie still,      Submiss … Continue reading Wake, my Soul. 

A Fixed Point

When everything is moving at once, nothing appears to be moving as on board a ship. When everyone is moving towards depravity, no one seems to be moving, but if someone stops, he shows up the others who are rushing on, by acting as a fixed point.  — Pascal

Take 4

I just got through a fresh listen to Till We shave Faces, and it's been a great & deep experience every time for me, with room to see & appreciate more on subsequent reads. I really like the aspect of Lewis's treatment and answer to lament of "Job" in this book, much like GKC's The … Continue reading Take 4

But a Fool

Who sets himself not sternly to be good,Is but a fool, who judgment of true things Has none, however oft the claim renewed. And he who thinks, in his great plenitude, To right himself, and set his spirit free, Without the might of higher communings, Is foolish also—save he willed himself to be. — George … Continue reading But a Fool