Sub Divo

(Shawn: I thought this was good - Chesterton on why Christians bring their religion/morals/worldview into their stories.) “And why does Mr. Chesterton drag Catholic propaganda even into detective stories?” — From a very indulgent reviewer Under that blue Italian dome,Men throned the Thunderer in the skyAnd still his priests creep forth from RomeAnd walk Sub … Continue reading Sub Divo

More to Me

Thou carest more for that which I call mine,In same sort—better manner than I could,Even if I knew creation's ends divine,Rousing in me this vague desire of good.Thou art more to me than my desires' whole brood;Thou art the only person, and I cryUnto the father I of this my I. –George MacDonald, The Diary … Continue reading More to Me

The Carpenter

O Lord, at Joseph's humble benchThy hands did handle saw and plane;Thy hammer nails did drive and clench,Avoiding knot and humouring grain. That thou didst seem, thou wast indeed,In sport thy tools thou didst not use;Nor, helping hind's or fisher's need,The labourer's hire, too nice, refuse. Lord, might I be but as a saw,A plane, … Continue reading The Carpenter