About this Blog

This blog has one simple purpose: to serve as a sort of scrapbook and spiritual place to collect, reflect, think out and remember the things I learn and discover on my journey. I began this year with the words “You also shall be Psyche” impressed in my brain, following a fresh reading of CS Lewis’s Till We Have Faces. And I knew the time had come to set out on a new journey, to learn to see with a fresh perspective, and a new handle not only on my blogging, but also on life itself.

It is my hope that the things that encourage me and give me strength and hope will inspire others as well, and that your journey will be blessed, inspired and guided. And I hope you will come to find that God is a refuge and strength, and a very present help and guiding light for the troubles, questions and challenges in this crazy ride we call “life.”




~ Watergirl



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