The Giver

"To give a thing and take again Is counted meanness among men; Still less to take what once was given Can be the royal way of heaven! But human hearts are crumbly stuff, And never, never love enough; And so God takes and, with a smile Puts our best things away awhile. Some therefore weep, … Continue reading The Giver

Fear Nothing

"I am reminded that this is the last Sunday of the year. They go very fast these years, as we get older. You young people, you do not know how short the years will get by and by;with so much that you want to do, that it seems almost hopeless ever to do it, while … Continue reading Fear Nothing

December 31

Go, my beloved children, live your life. Wounded, faint, bleeding, never yield the strife. Stunned, fallen-awake, arise, and fight again. Before you victory stands, with shining train Of hopes not credible until they ARE. Beyond morass and mountains swells the star Of perfect love - the home of longing heart and brain George MacDonald, Diary … Continue reading December 31

Step softly, under snow or rain, To find the place where men can pray; The way is all so very plain That we may lose the way. Oh, we have learnt to peer and pore On tortured puzzles from our youth, We know all labyrinthine lore, We are the three wise men of yore, And … Continue reading