Lord, I forgive—and step in unto thee. If I have enemies, Christ deal with them: He hath forgiven me and Jerusalem. Lord, set me from self-inspiration free, And let me live and think from thee, not me— Rather, from deepest me then think and feel, At centre of thought's swift-revolving wheel.  - George MacDonald

Kings for Subjects

"God is such a great king that He will have nothing but kings for His subjects. He would have His people be like Him as a reflection in a glass or in the dew is like the sun. We must be kings and priests that we may be mighty to serve Him. Every man has … Continue reading Kings for Subjects

Hard gifts

To some thou giv'st a deep unrest—a scorn Of all they are or see upon the earth; A gaze, at dusky night and clearing morn, As on a land of emptiness and dearth; To some a bitter sorrow; to some the sting Of love misprized—of sick abandoning; To some a frozen heart, oh, worse than … Continue reading Hard gifts

But a Fool

Who sets himself not sternly to be good,Is but a fool, who judgment of true things Has none, however oft the claim renewed. And he who thinks, in his great plenitude, To right himself, and set his spirit free, Without the might of higher communings, Is foolish also—save he willed himself to be.  - George … Continue reading But a Fool