Night, and Darkness, and Sleep…

“Let it sleep,’ returned his master; ‘like a man’s heart it will fill in the night. Thank God for the night and darkness and sleep, in which good things draw nigh like God’s thieves, and steal themselves in—water into wells, and peace and hope and courage into the minds of men. Is it not so, my cousin?” 

– MacDonald, George. “St. George and St. Michael.”

True Secrets of Life

 “Those seeking the high places here know nothing of the exaltation and splendor of self-forgetfulness. Ah! friends, I believe in nothing save what is coupled with the Son of Man. He said He knew the secrets of life, and in Him I have seen enough of the glimmer of truth to make me believe that He does.”

George MacDonald

Understanding and Obedience with George

God forbid I should seem to despise understanding. The New Testament is full of urgings to understand. Our whole life, to be life at all, must be a growth in understanding. What I cry out upon is the misunderstanding that comes of man’s endeavour to understand while not obeying. Upon obedience our energy must be spent; understanding will follow. Not anxious to know our duty, or knowing it and not doing it, how shall we understand that which only a true heart and a clean soul can ever understand? The power in us that would understand were it free, lies in the bonds of imperfection and impurity, and is therefore incapable of judging the divine. It cannot see the truth. If it could see it, it would not know it, and would not have it. Until a man begins to obey, the light that is in him is darkness.

… Son of our Father, help us to do what thou sayest, and so with thee die unto sin, that we may rise to the sonship for which we were created. Help us to repent even to the sending away of our sins.
– George MacDonald

The Ministering Ghost

“I have a strange feeling sometimes, that I am a ghost, sent into the world to minister to my fellow men, or, rather, to repair the wrongs I have already done.
May the world be brighter for me, at least in those portions of it, where my darkness falls not.”
George MacDonald, Phantastes

A Man-child Born

“This wretched INN, where we scarce stay to bait,We call our DWELLING-PLACE:

We call one STEP A RACE:

But angels in their full enlightened state,

Angels, who LIVE, and know what ’tis to BE,

Who all the nonsense of our language see,

Who speak THINGS, and our WORDS,their ill-drawn

PICTURES, scorn,

When we, by a foolish figure, say,


Speak properly, and cry, BEHOLD A MAN-CHILD BORN!”

Abraham Cowley

A God to Friend Each Lonely One

No less than thou, O Father, do we need

A God to friend each lonely one of us.

As touch not in the sack two grains of seed,

Touch no two hearts in great worlds populous.

Outside the making God we cannot meet

Him he has made our brother: homeward, thus,

To find our kin we first must turn our wandering feet.

George MacDonald

Courage, Horse!

Heart be stout,

And eye be true;

Good blade out!

And ill shall rue.
Courage, horse!

Thou lackst no skill;

Well thy force

Hath matched my will.
For the foe

With fiery breath,

At a blow,

It still in death.
Gently, horse!

Tread fearlessly;

‘Tis his corse

That burdens thee.
The sun’s eye

Is fierce at noon;

Thou and I

Will rest full soon.
And new strength

New work will meet;

Till, at length,

Long rest is sweet.

George MacDonald, Phantastes