Do not wonder that I promise to fill it with those Truths you love but know not; for though it be a maxim in the schools that there is no Love of a thing unknown, yet I have found that things unknown have a secret influence on the soul, and like the centre of the … Continue reading Two

Him Who Knows

It is only in Him that the soul has room. In knowing Him is life and gladness. The secret of your own heart you can never know; but you can know Him who knows its secret. — George MacDonald The Seaboard Parish, Chapter 13


In that wretched hovel, his bare feet clasping the clay floor in constant search of a wavering equilibrium, with pitch darkness around him, and incapable of the simplest philosophical or religious reflection, he yet found life good. For it had interest. May, more, it had hope. I doubt however, whether there is any interest at … Continue reading Hope