Become a Great Deal More

“They had not been married many days before the scouts of advancing disappointment were upon them. Augustus resisted manfully for a time. But the truth was each of the two had to become a great deal more than either was, before any approach to unity was possible.”Excerpt From The Complete Works of George MacDonald (Illustrated … Continue reading Become a Great Deal More

The Giver

Creation seems to be delegation through and through. He will do nothing simply by Himself which can be done by creatures. I suppose this is because He is a giver. And He has nothing to give but Himself. And to give Himself is to do His deeds - in a sense, and on varying levels … Continue reading The Giver

Lean on Me

"We wrong those near us in being independent of them. God Himself would not be happy without His Son. We ought to lean on each other, giving and receiving--not as weaklings, but as lovers. Love is strength as well as need." — George MacDonald, "The Elect Lady"