Not Light

“Light unshared is darkness. To be light indeed, it must shine out. It is of the very essence of light, that it is for others. The thing is true of the spiritual as of the physical light–of the truth as of its type.”

-George MacDonald, The Hope of the Gospel

Good Tidings

“His parents found him in the temple; they never really found him until he entered the true temple—their own adoring hearts. The temple that knows not its builder, is no temple; in it dwells no divinity.

But at length he comes to his own, and his own receive him;—comes to them in the might of his mission to preach good tidings to the poor, to heal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance, and sight, and liberty, and the Lord’s own good time.”

Excerpt From

Hope of the Gospel

George MacDonald

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Understanding and Obedience with George

God forbid I should seem to despise understanding. The New Testament is full of urgings to understand. Our whole life, to be life at all, must be a growth in understanding. What I cry out upon is the misunderstanding that comes of man’s endeavour to understand while not obeying. Upon obedience our energy must be spent; understanding will follow. Not anxious to know our duty, or knowing it and not doing it, how shall we understand that which only a true heart and a clean soul can ever understand? The power in us that would understand were it free, lies in the bonds of imperfection and impurity, and is therefore incapable of judging the divine. It cannot see the truth. If it could see it, it would not know it, and would not have it. Until a man begins to obey, the light that is in him is darkness.

… Son of our Father, help us to do what thou sayest, and so with thee die unto sin, that we may rise to the sonship for which we were created. Help us to repent even to the sending away of our sins.
– George MacDonald

A God to Friend Each Lonely One

No less than thou, O Father, do we need

A God to friend each lonely one of us.

As touch not in the sack two grains of seed,

Touch no two hearts in great worlds populous.

Outside the making God we cannot meet

Him he has made our brother: homeward, thus,

To find our kin we first must turn our wandering feet.

George MacDonald

Leaving Self, Choosing Others

“He would not choose to be less than his neighbour; he would choose his neighbour to be greater than he. He looks up to every man. Otherwise gifted than he, his neighbour is more than he. All come from the one mighty father: shall he judge the live thoughts of God, which is greater and which is less? In thus denying, thus turning his back on himself, he has no thought of saintliness, no thought but of his father and his brethren. To such a child heaven’s best secrets are open. He clambers about the throne of the Father unrebuked; his back is ready for the smallest heavenly playmate; his arms are an open refuge for any blackest little lost kid of the Father’s flock; he will toil with it up the heavenly stair, up the very steps of the great white throne, to lay it on the Father’s knees. For the glory of that Father is not in knowing himself God, but in giving himself away—in creating and redeeming and glorifying his children.”
George MacDonald, Hope of the Gospel

I think the point here is an immense love that should be growing in the heart and soul of the child of God. A love so big and energetic that it loses its center and grasp on self (which was the wrong center for our soul anyway), and moves in him to give, help, comfort and encourage others. And doing that, the child of God has arrived at the correct center of gravity, which gives him the proper balance and orbit, and everything then can fall into place. Then he has room to be who he was made to be. 

~ Watergirl

“The man who does not house self, has room to be his real self—God’s eternal idea of him. He lives eternally; in virtue of the creative power present in him with momently, unimpeded creation, he is.”

George MacDonald, Hope of the Gospel

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they are of the same spirit as God, and of nature the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

~ George MacDonald, Hope of the Gospel