The Eternal Gladness

I take a comfort from my very badness:
It is for lack of thee that I am bad.
How close, how infinitely closer yet
Must I come to thee, ere I can pay one debt
Which mere humanity has on me set!
“How close to thee!”—no wonder, soul, thou art glad!
Oneness with him is the eternal gladness.

~ George MacDonald, Diary of an Old Soul


Prayer for the Heart of a Child

O Father, thou art All-in-all, perfect beyond the longing of thy children, and we are altogether thine. Thou wilt make us pure and loving and free. We shall stand fearless in thy presence, infinite in the love of each other, because perfect in thy love. Lord Jesus, let the heart of a child be given to us, that so we may arise from the grave of our dead selves and die no more, but see face to face the God of the living.

~George MacDonald, Unspoken Sermons