A Real Child

From a description of George MacDonald preaching, reprinted in ‘Wingfold’ Winter 2012, written by a man who had attended three worship services that day: “‘We are all born from the inmost heart of Him in the first place’ (I could not help thinking of Mr. Spurgeon’s half sneer, that very morning, at ‘the universal fatherhood people,’ as he called them), ‘and yet we do not become really His children until we obey Him, just as no child is in the true sense a real child of his father until its will works with the father’s will.'”


A Man’s Business

Jesus taught, first, that a man’s business is to do with the will of God; second, God takes upon himself to care of that now; third, therefore, that a man must never be afraid of anything, and so, fourth, left free to love God with all his heart, and his neighbor as himself.

—George MacDonald