The Mortal Answers

“...Come away—With the fairies, hand in hand,For the world is more full of weeping Than you can understand.”—W.B. Yeats From the Wood of the Old Wives’ Fables      They glittered out of the grey, And with all the Armies of Elf-land I strove like a beast at bay; With only a right arm wearied, … Continue reading The Mortal Answers

That Painful Pleasure of the Soul

"[George MacDonald] was what is called a Celt and what is called a mystic. But nobody could conceivably have been more different from the Celtic mystics of to-day. First of all, of course, some of the modern Celts profess to have abandoned the moral battle, the old antithesis of sin and judgment, in favour of … Continue reading That Painful Pleasure of the Soul

Great Joy

"Many of the most brilliant intellects of our time have urged us to the same self-conscious snatching at a rare delight. Walter Pater said that we were all under sentence of death, and the only course was to enjoy exquisite moments simply for those moments' sake.... It is the carpe diem religion; but the carpe … Continue reading Great Joy

The Serious Business of Heaven

While we are in this ‘valley of tears’, crushed by labour, hemmed round with necessities, tripped up with frustrations, doomed to perpetual plannings, puzzlings, and anxieties, certain qualities that must belong to the celestial condition have no chance to get through, can project no image of themselves, except in activities which, for us here now, … Continue reading The Serious Business of Heaven