I Search Yet More

“Thy mind, my master, I will dare explore; What we are told, that we are meant to know. Into thy soul I search yet more and more, Led by the lamp of my desire and woe.If thee, my Lord, I may not understand, I am a wanderer in a houseless land, A weeping thirst by … Continue reading I Search Yet More

A Strange Hopefulness

Give me, take from me, as thou wilt. I learn— Slowly and stubbornly I learn to yield With a strange hopefulness. As from the field Of hard-fought battle won, the victor chief Turns thankfully, although his heart do yearn, So from my old things to thy new I turn, With sad, thee-trusting heart, and not … Continue reading A Strange Hopefulness

My Home

I will not shift my ground like Moab's king, But from this spot whereon I stand, I pray— From this same barren rock to thee I say, "Lord, in my commonness, in this very thing That haunts my soul with folly—through the clay Of this my pitcher, see the lamp's dim flake; And hear the … Continue reading My Home