The Rights of Men

THE thing behind Bolshevism and many other modern things is a new doubt. It is not merely a doubt about God; it is rather specially a doubt about Man. The old morality, the Christian religion, the Catholic Church, differed from all this new mentality because it really believed in the rights of men. That is, … Continue reading The Rights of Men

The Other Side

THE WIND is up above the world before a twig on the tree has moved. So there must always be a battle in the sky before there is a battle on the earth. Since it is lawful to pray for the coming of the kingdom, it is lawful also to pray for the coming of … Continue reading The Other Side

Where He Is

"Observe this in our Lord's dealings with men; He always takes a man where he is. He does not begin telling him things that he is incapable of understanding. There lay in the heart of Jesus a whole eternity of living truth which was incomprehensible and is incomprehensible to opinions generally. Some of us, when … Continue reading Where He Is

The Dodge

A great silent collapse, an enormous unspoken disappointment, has in our time fallen on our Northern civilization. All previous ages have sweated and been crucified in an attempt to realize what is really the right life, what was really the good man. A definite part of the modern world has come beyond question to the … Continue reading The Dodge