Reading: Till We Have Faces

– “I was never deceived by that. The real lilt came in to his voice and the real brightness into his eyes when we were off into “take me off into the Apple laden land…” (On meaning and character: noticing the things that people really love, versus the things they say they love.)

“I saw the terrible girls sitting in rows down both sides of the house, each cross-legged at the door of her cell. Thus they sat year after year (and usually barren after a few seasons) till they turned into the toothless crones who were hobbling about the floor, tending fires and sweeping — sometimes, after a swift glance round, stooping as suddenly as a bird to pick up a coin or a half-gnawed bone and hide it in their gowns. And I thought how the seed of men that might have gone to make hardy boys and fruitful girls was drained into that house, and nothing given back; and how the silver that men had earned hard and needed was also drained in there, and nothing given back; and how the girls themselves were devoured and were given nothing back.” (in a good relationship there is a giving and a receiving. God maketh everything for the good of all; there is nothing that receives, but that there is a natural compensation (or ought to be) to the giver. All things were created fully and wholly good, and all things are connected and are one. No man liveth unto himself.

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