Only a Dream

“Das Denken ist nur ein Traum des Fühlens, ein erstorbenes Fühlen, ein blass-graues, schwaches Leben.

Thinking is only a dream of feeling; a dead feeling; a pale-grey, feeble life.

NOVALIS. — Die Lehrlinge zu Sais.”

Excerpt From

David Elginbrod

George MacDonald

I think I would comment that feeling is, while a flowing stream from the heart of life, it is still only another stream, as is thinking; both are an activity brought forth by or from life, and neither the “heart” or meaning of life itself. But it is quite interesting to distinguish thinking from life- I think we disassociate life or our selves easier from feeling – at least I do- as it appears to be less trustworthy. But thought, while very other than feeling, I feel also has to be distinguished from life itself. It is an activity of life, and therefore by that very nature is not life itself.


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