A Purpose Far Higher

“Dr. MacDonald is not only the most poetic, but also the most suggestive, of living writers of fiction. In no other author do we get the same wealth of moral and spiritual thought. He seems to have a special faculty for getting at the heart of man and nature. He has many moods, but even in the saddest and the deepest–and those who wish for pathos will find the highest and truest in his stories–there breaks across the page the light of genius. Looking back upon the whole range of his works we are constrained to say that there is not one which is not charged with an elevating influence–none that has not a purpose far higher than that which is served by the mass of ephemeral literature now current . . . Yet with all this he combines the best qualities of the novelist.” Review of ‘Paul Faber, Surgeon,’ reprinted in ‘Wingfold’ Spring 1997. Donated by David Neuhouser.


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