Forsaken, Woeful, Solitary Maid (and yet “Of Naught Afraid)

And now it is empassioned so deep,

For fairest Una’s sake, of whom I sing,

That my frail Eyes these Lines with Tears do steep, 

To think how she through guileful handeling, 

Though true as touch, though Daughter of a King, 

Though fair as ever living Wight was fair,

Though nor in Word nor Deed ill meriting,

Is from her Knight divorced in Despair, 
Yet she, most faithful Lady, all this while

Forsaken, woeful, solitary Maid,

Far from all People’s Praise, as in exile,

In Wilderness and wastful Deserts stray’d,

To seek her Knight; who, subtilly betray’d

Through that late Vision, which th’ Enchaunter wrought, 

Had her abandon’d. She of nought afraid, 

Through Woods and Wastness wide him daily sought; 

Yet wished Tydings none of him unto her brought. 
~Edmund Spencer, The Faerie Queene

Ah, for the courage to be strong and good despite adversity… #givemethatoldtymereligion


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