Everywhere, Thou… Shining

“Everywhere,Thou art shining through the air;

Every atom from another

Takes thee, gives thee to his brother;


Thou art falling on the sea,

Bathing the deep woods down below,

Making the sea-flowers bud and blow;


Thou art working ardently,

Bringing from the night of nought

Into being and to thought;


Every beam of thine dispenses,

Powerful, varied, reaching far,

Differing in every star.

Not an iron rod can lie

In circle of thy beamy eye,

But thy look doth change it so

That it cannot choose but show

Thou, the worker, hast been there;

Yea, sometimes, on substance rare,

Thou dost leave thy ghostly mark

In what men do call the dark.

Doer, shower, mighty teacher!

Truth-in-beauty’s silent preacher!

Universal something sent

To shadow forth the Excellent!
All things most excellent

Are likened unto thee, excellent thing!

Yea, He who from the Father forth was sent,

Came the true Light, light to our hearts to bring;

The Word of God, the telling of His thought;

The Light of God, the making-visible;

The far-transcending glory brought

In human form with man to dwell;

The dazzling gone; the power not less

To show, irradiate, and bless;

The gathering of the primal rays divine,

Informing chaos, to a pure sunshine!
Death, darkness, nothingness!

Life, light, and blessedness!”
George MacDonald


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