The Graciousness of God

“Love one another” He taught us – “if you love me, love one another”. Jesus left us love for his legacy. He cared that the hearts he was loving should grow in personal affection for each other – genuine love, mother love, son love, husband love, wife love. And there is the graciousness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Well, friends are we growing in that? Do you ever put away troubled look off your face because you know it will give trouble to your family? Do you scowl at home, or is your entrance to your own people a new breaking light of dawn to their day. Oh to be gentle, congenial, strong and happy – oh to be gracious! Are you courteous to those that come nearest to you – are you brother loving, wife loving, husband loving, cheerful? If people would love each other yet better, they would be courteous. There is a strong geniality in the grace of Christ – the graciousness of God that must be cultivated between the nearest friends, and most of all between husband and wife.”


– George MacDonald (Sermon, “Growth in the Grace and Knowledge”)


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